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Cat Natural Biolitter

Your cat will like this natural cat litter made of sawdust and refined hay! The best cat litter Cat Natural Biolitter is made in Estonia. It consists of small granules of sawdust from pine trees and refined hay.


Why should you choose Cat Natural Biolitter?

Does your cat toilet run out of litter too fast? Does your cat dislike the contents of its toilet? Do you find the cat litter pearls scattered everywhere in your apartment? Every cat owner is familiar with this problem. Don’t worry! Cat Natural Biolitter will solve all these problems, because thanks to natural fibres, it has several great qualities:

  • it is good at absorbing moisture and smells;
  • it doesn’t contain any mineral dust;
  • it doesn’t stick to the cat’s paws and fur;
  • one bag is enough for up to 40 days!

For more than 60 years, cat toilets were filled with dry clay, despite the fact that without chemical additives, clay cannot absorb smells, it spreads a lot of dust, and it has to be mined. By contrast, Cat Natural Biolitter is a completely natural product, which is made using the Natural 100 Fibers technology. It quickly absorbs moisture and smells, maintaining this ability for several weeks, and it is safe for pets. You can also use the biogranules in birdcages.

And just one bag of Cat Natural Biolitter (5 kg) will prevent you from worrying about your cat toilet for over a month!

How to use Cat Natural Biolitter?

Natural 100 fibers technology   When producing Biolitter, natural fibers is processed in a way that will not affect the antibacterial probertis of conifer fiber and the natural aroma of hay biomass. Keeps the unpleasant smells trapped and retains significant amound of fluids.


100% natural fibre             Biolitter is made ​​from 100% natural conifer and grass biomass without any additives at high pressure and temperature.


Toilet flushable Biolitter can be flushed down the toilet. Before flushing, please read the terms and conditions of you water provider.


High odour trapping     Biolitter contain natural fibers that  will keep the unpleasant smell of urine contained for weeks so you wont`t have any unwanted odours in your room.