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Hay pellets

Designed for guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas and rats.

Hay pellets has been made using the Hay 100 Fibers technology and it consists of hay biomass. The raw material comes from naturally regenerating meadows. Natural origin of material give a number of wonderful qualities to the product:

  • Sharpen the pet teethGraanul_hein1
  • It is well digestible
  • Not polluting the cage and rooms with hay
  • Have a good hay smell
  • Replaces the traditional loose-dried hay
  • 2 kg bag of Hay Pellets = 4 packs of loose-dried hay (by 0, 5 kg)


Dried grass dry matter content at least 92%; NDF> 70%; ADF <55%

Why should I prefer Hay Pellets?

Over years have been used natural hay in pet’s cage. Despite its modest growth of small rodents, they need lot of hay in 0,5 kg packs. Of course they are polluting the cage and rooms with hay! Drop your pet and yourself from the problems. Use Hay Pellets and nobody do not polluting the cage and rooms with hay. In addition, you are doing a good for your pet, because the pellets are sharpen the pet teeth more than loose hay.

How to use Hay pellets?

Hay 100 Fibers technology     When producing Hay pellets, the hay fibers is processed in a way that will not affect the properties of hay fiber and the natural aroma of it.


100% natural fibre                     Hay pellets is made ​​from 100% natural grass biomass without any additives at high pressure and temperature.