Cat Natural Biolitter

Why to choose Cat Natural Biolitter?

For over half of century, cat toilets were filled with dry clay, despite the fact that without chemical additives, clay cannot absorb smells, it spreads a lot of dust, and it has to be mined. Cat Natural Biolitter is a completely natural product, which is made using the eco-friendly technology. It quickly absorbs moisture and smells, maintaining this ability for several weeks, and it is safe for pets. Its components do not need to be mined and natural raw materials never run out.
The natural cat litter made from sawdust and hay biomass loves your cat! There are all the natural scents your favorite enjoys.
One bag of Cat Natural Biolitter (5 kg) allows you to forget the sandbox problem for several weeks!
Does your cat toilet run out of litter too fast? Does your cat dislike the contents of its toilet? Do you find the cat litter pearls scattered everywhere in your apartment? Every cat owner is familiar with this problem. Don’t worry! Cat Natural Biolitter will solve all these problems, because thanks to natural fibres, it has several great qualities:

  • it is good at absorbing moisture and smells;
  • it doesn’t contain any mineral dust;
  • it doesn’t stick to the cat’s paws and fur;
  • one bag is enough for up to 40 days

How to use?

First of all, clean the cat toilet or the birdcage. Then spread a thick layer (about 2 cm) of litter over the tray. If it is the first time you are using Cat Natural Biolitter, we recommend that you add one scoopful of your old litter. This will make it easier for your pet to become used to the new litter.
Regularly remove any excrement from the tray and replace all the pellets as needed. As Cat Natural Biolitter is 100% of natural origin, it can be used as compost in your garden or flushed down the toilet (in this case we suggest that you consult with the terms and conditions of your water supply company).