Wood Litter Classic

Why Wood litter classic?

Wood Litter Classic pellets are packed in a 10 L bag
Due to natural fibers, the product has several excellent features:

  • Absorbs well and keeps odors
  • Does not contain mineral dust
  • Do not stick to pet feet or hair

How to use?

First, clean the pet cage or cat toilet. Then spread a 1 cm bedding layer over the tray or 2 cm bedding layer over the cat toilet. If it is the first time you are using pellets, we recommend that you add one scoopful of your old litter to cat toilet. This will make it easier for your cat to become used to the new litter. Regularly remove any excrement from the tray and replace all the pellets as needed. As pellets are natural origin, it can be used as compost in your garden or flushed down the toilet (in this case we suggest that you consult with the terms and conditions of your water supply company).